Andrés Mérida, the southern,
Spanish painter was born in Algeciras,
Cadiz on December 17, 1964.

From a very early age, Andrés demonstrated his interest in drawing, but not until his early teens when he finally discovered his true passion for art, did he decide to dedicate his life work to art. "I remember how I loved to draw in my text books and many times I found myself missing the teacher's lessons having spent the entire class drawing. I was very distracted and I realize that this did cause one or another suspension."

Painting done in 1981

In 1971, at 6 years old, his family moved to Malaga, where he lived and was educated until 1983, when he enrolled in the Faculty of Fine Arts in Seville.

From the beginning stages of his education (70´s) he still maintains drawings where a clear tendency towards surrealism and expressionism are defined. These drawings are a premonition to what later would become part of his actual work.

Dibujo del pintor realizado en 1981
Once finished with his degree, Andrés crossed a decisive moment in his life where his family began to doubt the future of any artist. These difficulties created obstacles in his decision to continue true to his study of art, but eventually with the blessings from his family he decided to enrol in Saint Isabel of Hungary in the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Seville.

During this period (1983-1988), Andrés experimented and absorbed the necessary tools to obtain his license and degree with honors.
"These are the years I remember with love in my heart. They were the years that I learned as much as I had a great time. I believe I was lucky to have studied one of the most beautiful careers that exists and to meet loving caring friends in an ideal atmosphere at the University of Saint Juan Bosco, which was my home while living in Seville."

In the summer of 1988, the artist returned to Malaga definitively to begin a new phase in his life, which included his work as an artist as well as right hand man to Dad at his father's company. It was a difficult period leaving little time to dedicate to his true love; art.
"Those years were very difficult for me. There were moments when I felt incompetent, not being able to get into my work and although I realize that I learned a great deal that today has helped me in many ways, I just did not feel happy. I couldn't identify with what I was doing, which was a motive to create an identity crisis. This became a second career".

During the following years, Andrés did not stop creating and exhibiting his work. He participated in group shows in Malaga and all around southern Spain until he was given a private show of his own at the Porticus Gallery in Malaga (1994). From this moment on, his effort and work has continued to create his extensive curriculum.

At the end of the 90´s, he began to exhibit in Asia, thanks to the collaboration of his agent Mrs. Sofia Gaspar. The beginning of his work's diffusion in other countries had now become reality. Other collaborators, such as Mr. David Olivares in the United States and Dr. Jiri Tiaskal, in the Chec Republic, have also helped this artist.

Today the artist dedicates his heart and soul to painting. Proof of this is visible in his constant projections in Spain and other countries.

Recently, Andres was introduced to Ms. Lisa Santulli, who was a patron of the arts. Ms. Santulli helped bring his work to North America and has contracted his first North American private gallery showing. Ms. Santulli will be representing the artist as his agent/manager throughout the United States. For further information in the U.S., please contact or phone 1-877 777 8917.

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